Face Lifting: build beauty from the inside

Face Lifting: build beauty from the inside

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Dr Ben Xue firmly believes that beauty comes from within, so to treat the face, doctors must treat the whole person.

According to Chinese Medicine, most of the energy channels go through the face. Therefore, it makes sense that emotional trauma or an imbalance in your internal organs would manifest there.

After middle age, the functions of lungs & spleen start to decline. Skin starts to loses it’s elasticity, and once prominent anatomical structures such as Cheek Bones, Jaw Lines, and other aqua line features soften.

The size and shape of the eyes diminish as part of the aging process. The once illuminated and radiant glow that youth provides dwindles slowly, as luster and beauty diminish in the face. The once taut and tight look and feel of the face gradually vanishes.

When the function of kidneys declines, yellowish-brown colour of Chloasma starts.

This, however, does not have to be the case. Aging of the face can not be eliminated entirely, but can significantly be slowed down with the help of Acupuncture Facelift.

In acupuncture procedure, points on face and body will be selected according to individuals conditions. It is painless because the needle is thread-thin. Normally few courses of acupuncture are needed. But even a single session will rebalance people’s energy and leave them looking younger and more vibrant.

If necessary, Chinese herbal medicine will also be suggested to combine with the acupuncture treatment. Chinese herbs are powerful to cleanse the body and active the body’s Qi and blood circulation.

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