Liver: the key for health

Liver: the key for health

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The liver is an important organ in the body. An abnormal result from a liver function test may occur after a person has already had abnormal symptoms.

In Chinese medicine, the liver is responsible for regulation of qi, the energy force, and stores blood. It is closely related to the tendons, nails and eyes.

When the liver fails to control the qi to flow smoothly, abnormal emotional activities may result.

When liver qi stagnates, a sensation of fullness in the chest depression, worry and suspicion may occur.

When liver qi is hyperactive, irritability, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, headaches, dizziness and vertigo may happen.

The liver is also an important organ to promoting digestion. Dysfunction of the liver may affect the secretion and excretion of bile and give rise to disturbances in digestion.

The liver also helps to promote blood circulation and metabolism bodily fluids. A troubled liver could result in blood stasis or swelling or disturbances in menstrual cycles.

Nowadays more factors are causing liver problems because of the busy lifestyle. Stress, poor eating habits, alcohol and drug abuse can cause liver problems everyday.

When you have liver problems your body will tell you and show you the symptoms. Chinese medicine could start to regulate the liver before any laboratory could present wrong findings.

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