Menopause: natural treatment

Menopause: natural treatment

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Chinese Medicine has many ways to help menopause syndrome,” says Dr Ben Xue of the Tao Chinese Health Centre at Broadbeach and Ashmore, “people who are worrying about the side effects of HRT can get good alternative treatment from us.”

Dr Xue said, “Menopause, ‘change of life’, occurs to every woman at average age of 51. To western medicine, this problem is because the ovaries stop producing estrogen. For treatment they use artificial estrogen to replace the natural estrogen. This kind of treatment is called estrogen replacement therapy or hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

“Recently some studies have showed that HRT may increase the risk of uterine (endometrial) cancer. Many women start to worry about the side effects of HRT.”

Dr Xue said, “To Chinese Medicine, menopause is inevitable and is kind of imbalance of the body. We don’t need artificial hormone but natural resources to achieve a new balance. We have many ways to deal with this problem.

“First of all, we think menopause is result from the deficiency of kidney essence which can be replenished by nourishing the kidney Yin. Through tone the kidney Yin by natural Chinese herbs and acupuncture

we can help many symptoms such as hot flushes, burning feet, hot palm, sweating, lower back pain, impaired bladder control, vaginal dryness, ringing in the ears, dizzy, constipation, etc.

“Second, we take the human body as an organic whole and its organs affect each other. Although menopause primarily affects kidneys, it also affects other organs such as liver, heart, lungs, spleen. We can approach the problems by many ways.

“For example, we can help liver function to deal with the symptoms of mood swings, restlessness, blurred vision, sleep disturbances, bitter taste, blood pressure fluctuate.

“We can help heart function to deal with the symptoms of palpitation, insomnia.

“We can help lungs function to deal with the symptoms of sweating, cry for no reason.

“We can help spleen function to deal with the symptoms of face or limbs swollen, poor appetite, loose bowl motion, fatigue.”

Dr Ben Xue says, “In clinic, we can see Chinese herbs and acupuncture are very effective. Most of all, these treatments are following an important principle that is we only can help the natural design of the body and can not change it. This principle has brought the treatment much safer.”

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