Sinusitis: not just the matter of nose

Sinusitis: not just the matter of nose

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“Chinese medicine offers a different way of treating sinusitis,” says Dr Ben Xue of the Tao Chinese Health Centre at Broadbeach and Ashmore, “patients with sinusitis may get a satisfactory answer from us.”

Technically speaking, sinusitis is the inflammation of the mucosal lining of one or more of the Para nasal sinuses including the ethmoid, maxillary, sphenoid and frontal sinuses.

It is estimated that 0.5% of upper respiratory tract infections in children are complicated by sinusitis and that 0.02% of adults may suffer from chronic sinusitis.

The infection may be classified as acute, sub-acute or chronic. Its signs and symptoms are similar to those of other upper respiratory infections: rhinorrhea, pain, fullness, congestion, fever, cheek swelling, headache and toothache.

Conventional medical treatments for sinusitis included saline nasal spray or irrigation; mucolytics; decongestants; corticosteroids and antibiotics. Some patients could have surgery treatments.

Dr Xue said, “In Chinese Medicine sinusitis is far more than just the problem of sinuses. It involves the organs of lungs, heart, large intestine, gall bladder, spleen, stomach and kidneys.

“For examples, some patients may have the sinusitis and also the symptoms of fatigue, dizzy, poor appetite, and loose bowel movement. Their problems may come from the weakness of the spleen.

“Some patients may also have the symptoms of back ache, frequent of urinating in night, or cold sensitivity or cold extremities. Their problems may come from the weakness of the kidneys.

“Some patients may also have the symptoms of bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, restless, dizziness. Their problems may come from the gall bladder.

“In view of this, it is far not enough to just treat the sinuses. We have to treat the whole body. We commonly use the Chinese herbs and acupuncture to give the whole body treatment.

Dr Xue also said, “There are another two factors that pay big contribution to the problem of sinusitis, i.e., Body’s constitution and lifestyle.

“For example, some patients never have exercise and have weak body constitution. They frequently have cold. Their condition can get better if they can do more exercise to strengthen their body’s constitution.

“Some patients already have too much heat in the liver and gall bladder and still drink alcohol all the time or have stress all the time. If we let them stop drinking or taking less stress lifestyle, their condition will improve dramatically.

“It is very important to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Because we believe the treatment should be holistic.”

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