Skin Problems: another door to healing

Skin Problems: another door to healing

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“Chinese Medicine opens another door to the healing of skin problems,” says Dr Ben Xue, the Chinese Medicine practitioner of Tao Chinese Health Centre at Broadbeach and Ashmore.

“Chinese Medicine has a different understanding of the problems and the strategy of the treatment is different as well,” says Dr Xue, “Chinese has accumulated abundant experience in dealing with the skin condition.”

“For example, for the pain after shingles, we may find the pain is from the blockage of Qi and blood, therefore, it may alleviate the pain by active the Qi and blood circulation.”

“In clinical, we also see many patients, especially ladies with the condition of pimples on the face. They often tried everything like antibiotics, facial cleansing, but no help. In Chinese Medicine, we often think the problem is from liver. By treating the internal problem we do treat the external condition. I have treated numerous patients with this kind of condition and the success rate is very high.”

“Another common condition we often see in the clinic is pruritus (skin itch). They happened to many elders. We found many of them just simply suffer it because they have tried everything and nothing is working. In fact, those patients often have the problem of blood circulation deficiency. By nourishing the blood circulation, they can have good results.”

“Eczema is another common but difficult skin condition. Many patients only know put cortisone based cream. The cream can temporally ease the symptoms but not treat the causes. We encourage the patients to change the body constitution by Chinese herbs and diet. This can fundamentally help the problem.”

“We also deal with a lot of Psoriasis, one of the most difficult skin conditions. Although western medicine has less effective methods to treat it, we have quite a lot of ideas to approach the problems. Some of our patients have achieved encouraging improvement.”

Dr Ben Xue said, “Chinese Medicine has opened another door to the full range of skin problems including eczema, herpes, warts, follicullitis, furunculosis, tinea, candidiasis, drug eruption, contact dermatitis, urticaria, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, dermatitis seborrhea, pityriasis rosea, thrombophlebitis and acne. Chinese medicine could hold the key to unlock many mysteries of skin problems.”

For more information you can contact Dr Ben Xue on (07) 5538 3789 or (07) 5527 9149 or email:

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