Ben Xue’s Chinese Medicine

Ben Xue’s Chinese Medicine

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Chinese medicine could be a gold mine to many health problems. In 2015, the noble prize was awarded to the discovery of Artimisinin which was original from Chinese herb Qing Hao. Just as Professor Tu Youyou, the prize winner, stated in the award ceremony, Artimisinin is a gift from Traditional Chinese Medicine to the world. Without doubt, this gift would be a tip of iceberg for what Chinese medicine can offer to the world. It has much potential to explore and apply this ancient wisdom to meet the contemporary health needs.


With his excellence in Chinese literatures and strong background both in Chinese medicine and western medicine, Dr Ben Xue started to develop the brand of Ben Xue’s Chinese Medicine in 1995. Within his efforts, classic Chinese medicine literatures will be interpreted with western medicine understandings while the strategies of the treatment of various health problems will be designed following the evidences from both Chinese and western medicine.



So far, Dr Ben Xue has completed the interpretation of the classic literature's of

• Huang Di Nei Jing (part)
• Shang Han Lun,
• Jin Gui Yao Lue,
• Wen Bing Tiao Bian,
• Pi Wei Lun,
• Yi Xue Zhong Zhong Can Xi Lu

The treatment programs have been designed to
• skin problems
• liver problems
• sinusitis
• stop smoking
• addiction rehabilitation
• weight lose
• emotional disorders