Phlegm is a serious issue in Chinese medicine.

An experienced Chinese medicine practitioner concerns phlegm, visible or invisible.

Phlegm is the pathological products produced after pathological reactions.

A healthy body has the ability to get rid of phlegm because a proper metabolism is still functioning.

When phlegm is accumulating, it means the pathological reaction is existing and the metabolism is impaired.

In Chinese medicine, the dysfunction of the Lung, Spleen, Kidney and San Jiao involve in this problem.

The phlegm can be visible or invisible.

The visible phlegm is often seen in the lungs and stomach, which can be expectorated.

Its company symptoms can be coughing, wheezing and fullness or stifling feelings in the chest.

The invisible phlegm can happen to any part of the body, which can’t be expectorated.

Its company symptoms are really depending on which organ is affected.

For example, when it involves in the stomach, it may show up nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and fullness or distension in the upper abdomen.

If it obstructs the Heart and disturbs the Mind, it will manifest palpitations, restlessness, insomnia, depression, mental confusion, delirium, mania, coma, Wind-stroke and epilepsy.

There is Chinese medicine saying, a strange or complicated health condition usually comes from phlegm.

Therefore, expelling phlegm should be the key point to solve many strange or complicated conditions such as persistent headache without any pathological findings, chest tightness with no heart or lung conditions, various mental disorders, etc.

On the other hand, phlegm will remind the practitioner to investigate the pathological causes.

In this meeting, Dr Benjamin Xue will give a chat and Q/A to this topic.



Topic: Understand Phlegm in Chinese Medicine
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